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The Conquer Your Industry Blueprints

Module 1: Dream Client Profile

After you download the Dream Client Profile above and watch the video you will have all of the necessary tools and knowledge to put together an IRRESISTABLE Offer that your Dream Clients can’t refuse!

What is in this video?

Deep understanding of the Helios “Your Job Title Is Not Your Offer” philosophy

How to approach the construction of your online offer

Focusing your campaign on your services that are the most enjoyable and profitable to perform

 When we are working with a new client the first thing we have to do is make sure that their offer is advertising ready – these are the exact steps we walk through with all of our clients to put together an offer so mouth-watering that their Dream Clients can’t refuse!

Module 2: Buyer’s Journey Checklist

Once you have watched the video and downloaded the Buyer’s Journey checklist you can start to hypothesize the steps you think your potential Dream Clients would like to take. You’ll then be ready to put that hypothesis to the test!

What is in this video?

The process of turning your website into your best salesperson with a flawless Buyer’s Journey

Breakdown of the Helios 3 step approach to the Buyer’s Journey; Attention, Relationship-Building, and Conversions

Having one Buyer’s Journey to rule them all

Having an extremely optimized Buyer’s Journey is a complete game-changer for businesses and it is how we at Helios turn our clients’ websites into their best salespeople. The more optimized your Buyer’s Journey is, the more traffic you can handle.  Because like I mentioned in the video you can have an unlimited amount of traffic but if no one is converting then you’re not doing anything other than losing money!  But on the other hand if you hyper optimize your Buyer’s Journey then the sky truly is the limit. You can then begin bringing in as much traffic as you possibly can. Which will in turn give you the freedom to pick the specific Dream Clients you’d like to work with!

Module 3: The Winning Formula

Now that you have gone through the first 2 modules you’re ready for the fun part – testing! Testing is the first major step to Conquering Your Industry and in this video, we will be covering the mindset and strategies that come into play when testing your strategies!

What is in this video?

Why online advertising is the superior method when it comes to driving traffic

How to get attention and why nothing gets attention like ads do

How to stay in front of all of your potential Dream Clients indefinitely

Winning the battle with ads

 Making your potential Dream Clients take action takes more finesse than force. This is what this section is all about – I cover why at Helios we have decided to use ads as our focal point when it comes to driving traffic and how you can too. Not only that, but I also explain how you can win the battle with ads and use online advertising to your advantage in order to start Conquering Your Industry today!