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Make your buyer’s journey the easiest journey ever

We often see in movies and T.V that a difficult journey is a good journey. That may be true when it comes to character development but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the Buyer’s Journey. The Buyer’s Journey is the process of taking someone who doesn’t know you or your brand at all and turning them into an excited high paying, Dream Client. You want to make this the easiest journey ever. On this page I will be showing you how we approach the creation of the Buyer’s Journey for all of our clients.

The way we breakdown the buyer’s journey is in 3 steps:

Relationship building

Understanding your job title is not your offer

As a service business this is where you can shine. At first glance you might not be offering a service that is considered “new” or “exciting” but at Helios we would encourage you to look at it from another angle. Most importantly though, online, your job title is not your offer.

Without compiling your services into a strong, stand-alone offer, that attracts your Dream Clients you’ll always be chasing your tail online.

Why are we saying that your job title is not your offer? Because packaging is important, packaging matters. It’s all about perceived value. The generic job title is no different than a generic box. Your services are as valuable as a diamond, you should present them as such!

This is your chance to get creative! We always like to invite our clients to be open minded and think outside the box while we’re workshopping their offer during calls. We have found that it helps our clients if they are picturing their Dream Clients and really imagine how that person would want to be talked to. What solutions do they need solved as soon as possible? Solutions that you hold the keys to. Serve that solution on a silver platter in the form of your offer. Now that you have your offer, let’s start lining up Dream Clients.

These 3 principles are at the core of all of our marketing plans at helios

The conversion wheel

We call this the conversion wheel and you never want it to stop spinning.

But, as we mentioned before without a total STAND-OUT offer the conversion wheel won’t be able to gain any momentum!

Attention that leads to curiosity

Getting The Right Attention: This is crucial for so many reasons. You can have millions of people looking at your offer or visiting your website but if it isn’t the right audience then all of your efforts are for nothing. At Helios we would rather have 5,000 hyper targeted people on our clients website than 20,000 people from an arbitrary audience. We encourage you to look at audience building the same.

Every Buyer’s Journey is going to have drop off. For example let’s say you were running a Facebook Ad campaign for a few months. During that time, and depending on your budget, you could easily get 20,000 or more visitors to your site. Sounds great right?!

But what happens when the 20,000 people aren’t targeted potential Dream Clients?

You will be spending money to get people on your site that aren’t going to buy, leaving you with no return on your ad spend.


In the diagram above you can see things are starting out great but the drop off is enormous! Keep in mind every person that drops off is a dollar (or many dollars) you are losing. You also won’t know if your Buyer’s Journey has holes or if it’s just the audience you are targeting.

You could have the perfect Buyer’s Journey that your Dream Clients would love, but then you start to make changes to the journey, not your targeting because you think that is the problem.

So how do we combat this? By getting attention from the right audience! Your audience. We can continue with the same Facebook Ad campaign example but now let us say we are targeting your audience – the potential Dream Clients you would love to work with.

Sure it isn’t 20,000 visitors in a month but it is 5,000 people that are hyper interested in what you’re offering and want to buy.

When you talk directly to your audience the amount of drop off you’ll experience in your Buyer’s Journey will decrease dramatically. What does that mean?

Cheaper Ads + Better Results

Highly Qualified Leads

Less Low-Quality Lead Management (maybe even zero)

Reliable Data That Blueprints Campaign Improvement

The more you do this the more data you begin to build, the more data you begin to build the more targeted you can be while creating and optimizing all of your campaigns!

Now imagine you have a calendar… Imagine you have a calendar full of Dream Clients that are already sold on your services. That’s why we really want to hammer the point home of focusing your marketing only on Dream Clients. Because when you pair that with a bulletproof Buyer’s Journey the sky truly is the limit.

Make the right first impression

This is a much more subjective goal but important nonetheless. This is something that can take deep thought. We encourage our clients to really sit and imagine how they want their brand to be perceived by people for the first time. However you’re aiming to be perceived it should be inline with your company’s culture. This benefits everyone involved, you and your potential Dream Clients. As the saying goes, like attracts like. By perfecting your brand’s first impression you will begin attracting the type of clients that are a dream to work with!

Once you have caught their attention you need a “Call To Action” CTA’s as they are often referred, are absolutely critical! Now that you have them engaged it is time to move your potential Dream Client along the next step of the Buyer’s Journey. The next step is completely dependent on where someone is in the process and what piece of content they are seeing.

No matter what stage in the Buyer’s Journey your potential Dream Client is, make sure there is always a call to action. Assume that if you don’t point out the next step that they will disengage immediately from your content or website. Missing opportunities due to not having a CTA is unacceptable in any marketing plan.

Relationship building that leads to trust

Get ready to fly over the competition

Once you create awareness that leads to curiosity, the last and final hurdle to turning a potential client, into a Dream Client, is building a relationship that leads to trust.

Focus on the unique benefits of your offer

Whether you are creating content for social media or making a video for your About page, keep the center of attention on your potential Dream Clients. Here are some example questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling.

  • What does your company do for your clients that makes their lives easier day to day?
  • What sets you and your service apart from competitors?
  • Why is it better overall for your clients lives to work with your company?

When creating relationship building content be sure to focus on them and highlight how your expertise can benefit them. The best way to build relationships with people online is to help them.

When you highlight your expertise in your content while also inviting your Dream Clients to venture into your Buyer’s Journey; they will see the massive value you can bring to them and they will be dying to work with you – not the other way around.

Remove distractions that take away from your core offer

Once you have honed in on your unique benefits and offer you don’t want anything to distract from that. Having irrelevant content on the main pages of your website is a huge no-no.

You don’t want anything to take away from your conversion goal or you’ll end up with a Buyer’s Journey that looks like this.

 Our goal is to bring you Dream Clients and nothing else. If a piece of marketing content or the main page on your website doesn’t pertain to your potential Dream Clients then most likely, that topic or content is a distraction and should not be in your marketing plan.

A distraction free buyer’s journey is the buyer’s journey for me!

Create trust through knowledge

The best and most effective way to build trust with your potential clients is to show your extensive knowledge and how it lines up with their field. Show how much you know about their industry, their pain points, and their goals.


Then like we have mentioned, highlight how your expertise can make their lives better and easier! It isn’t bragging if it’s helping – at that point, it’s just demonstrating your value!

Once they trust you, just trust the process

The relationship-building phase is typically the longest part of the process but if you follow everything we’ve laid out above AND your website is optimized for conversions then results will come.

Conversions that lead to paying clients

Time for what we’re all here for. The Conversions. It is important to remember that everyone goes through the Buyer’s Journey at their own pace. Some people may move from attention to relationship building within a few minutes but will then stay in the relationship building stage for months. It may take months of someone being aware of your ads or content before it really grabs their attention.

They may move through the relationship building stage to a conversion with just a few pieces of content.

The most important thing is that you’re looking for trends and making incremental improvements throughout your campaigns.


This is where the secret sauce comes in. It is super secret, so don’t tell anyone… Promise you won’t tell? Okay….

Its consistency.

Groundbreaking I know. It is true though. The only way to win long term online is to be incredibly consistent.

Relationship building can be frustrating because you have no control over how fast someone will go through your Buyers Journey.

Some people will see your offer and instantly feel like it is a match made in heaven and rush to be your newest Dream Client.

Others may like your offer but not need it at that time.

That is where consistency plays in. The 2nd person I mentioned isn’t actively moving towards the conversion point, yet. Big yet. Stay in the front of that person’s mind with an effective marketing plan and you will begin to move them and everyone like them along the Buyer’s Journey to that sweet sweet conversion!


Start conquering your industry today!

So you may be wondering what exactly we do and why we’ve been giving this extremely impactful, and frankly expensive, information away for free?

Well, to be blunt we want you to hire Helios so we can fill your Buyers Journey pathway with nothing but potential Dream Clients! If that is something you are interested in, head over to our “How We Win” page – There we show you how your competition keeps their conversion wheel spinning and how you can too! We’re here to sell our services, not courses or software so there isn’t going to be any hidden upsell. Get ready to Conquer Your Industry with Helios!


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