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I am a Senior account manager serving our high spend clients at a billion-dollar marketing agency and have been around the industry for over 20 years.

I had the privilege of partnering with Helios in order to help a mutual client drive traffic to their website.
I was quickly impressed with how seamless their processes were and how focused they were on the success of the client.

The Helios team facilitated smooth search platform transitions and they were in control every step of the way.
Our client had a few requests and the Helios team was open to working with and integrating those client requests into their plan. Once those integrations were successfully implemented the Helios team quickly led the charge and the successful execution of the plan.

Most notably, The team of Professionals at Helios successfully navigated several Search engine updates, and their understanding of the search landscape showed through their poise, plan of action, and ultimate success of our mutual client. I look forward to watching the growth of Helios and the success of their clients.

Anthony T
Senior Digital Marketing Account Executive

Jay Loeb

Mortgage and Loan Advisor

Nancy Moeller

Real Estate Broker

Richard Moon

Financial Advisor

Jeni Noble

Anaheim Hills Chiropractic

Steve Park


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